The North American Techante is a democratic socialist technocracy consisting of much of North America. The Technate borders Brazil and Peru to the South and Guyana to the east. Technate was formed in 2008 following the end of the North American War and the collapse of the United States, instigated by the election of President Mortimore in 2006, which lead to the North American continent being conquests by the United States, however this failed due to both infighting in its own military and military strikes back from Canada, Mexico, Brazil and the United Kingdom. At the end of the war the Restrucuting Comittee revived the idea of a Technocracy, distributing supplies and resources of the continent fairly without politicians or economists in power. The Techante was officially formed on the 29th January 2008, with the first elections for the Continental Governor taking place on the 12th of February.

The Technate has a government imposed economy, with the distribution of products and services fairly managed by the Technate's guilds. The economy is effectively socialism, however small instances of Capitalism are evident as Cottage Industry. The Technate has a medium Human Rights record, with the mix of Liberal Democratic Socialism attributing to a free society. However the violations of several human rights in the past have lead to investigations into the countries practices.

The Governmnet is laid out orderly, however is unique compared to other governing systems. Officials are elected and appointed for their knowledge in particular fields. The Continental Governor is the head of state, with the Continental Board as the legislative body. The four Ministries of Defence, Foreign Affairs, Home Affairs, Energy, and Research are then lead by appointed officials. Below the ministries are the eleven Area Boards for each Area. Below this the Departments, or Guilds, are divided into service functions, such as the Food Guild, and Industrial functions, such as the Agriculture guild or the Energy guild. There are no political parties, as officials are elected directly. The Technate, as many believe is not a true technocracy, but is a technocracy tailored to exist in modern society. Consisting of the some of the former wealthiest nations in the world, the Technate has fallen to having the eighteenth largest economy in the world due to its somewhat isolationist economic policies, however has a large defensive might leading to its cooperation in international politics and organisations. The Technate is largely influenced by China and Japan, two of the worlds most powerful and influential nations.

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