Northern Ireland formally the Republic of Ulster (Poblacht Uladh in Irish) is a country located on the north of the island of Ireland, which refused Republic of Ireland control when declared independence from the United Kingdom of England and Wales. Northern Ireland became independant from the UKEW (United Kingdom of England and Wales) in 2015. Northern Ireland was held by the US because the state was worried about the threat of Ireland to the south.

Capital and largest city: New Belfast.

Official languages: Irish and English.

Religion: Protestant and Catholic (both officials).

Anthem: A new begging, together.


After the independence of the Scottish Republic from the UK in 2014, the Prime Minister, David Cameron with help of Queen Elizabeth II dissolved the Welsh and Northern Irish parliament and government. After the General elections of 2015, the Ulster National Party won in all the counties of Northern Ireland and declared independence the same day as the elections. The Republic of Ireland was the first country in recognize the new state, continued of the Republic of Scotland and The United States of America. After the independence of Northern Ireland, the UKEW become a dictatorship ruled by the new King Charles, who declared war on Scotland 1 year after his coronation and annexed the total territory of Scotland creating the new Kingdom of Great Britain. The following day after declare independence, the Republic of Ireland declared war on the Northern Irish Republic. The USA helped Northern Ireland winning the war three months after the independence. After the war, Northern Ireland annexed the historical counties of Ulster that belonged to the Republic of Ireland, creating a new state, the Ulster Republic.


Ulster is a Constitucional Republic. The main parties are two: Social Democrats of Ulster (SDU), also knows as Labour Ulster, and New Conservative Party (NCP). Also there are more parties but without representation in Parliament like The Irish Unionist Party (IUP), the British Unionist Party (BUP) and the Socialist Movement of Ulster (SMU).


The Government is controlled by the SDU party.

Armed Forces

Foreign Relations

Ulster shared border with the Irish State and with the Kingdom of Great Britain by a channel which connect Belfast with the region of Scotland. There are a Wall which separate Ulster from the rest of Ireland. The wall was built by the Irish dictatorship who ruled the south of the island for have a control of illegal immigration from Ireland to Ulster.

Administrative Divisions


After independece, the Provisional Northern Irish Government created a new currency, the Ulster Pound (£5= 0.50€). Currently, the Ulster Economy is developing industry in the main cities and agriculture in the countryside. The government want to archive the autarchy of the country. Ulster is a potencial candidate to join into the European Union and the NATO. The Prime Minister want Ulster to join into the EU but not into the Euro.

Geography and Climate