Northern Isles
Eòlannan a'tuaidh
—  Pòrseachd  —
Northern Isles.jpg
Little Seagull Island
Flag of Northern Isles.png
Motto: Sinn beònnaich!
We persevere!
Eòlannan a'tuaidh.jpg
Location of Northern Isles
Country Rom
 • Mayor Frèidrich Thuannoich
 • Governing body Còinneig a' nEòlannan a'tuaidh
 • Total 1,435
 • Rank 15
Demonym Northerner
Time zone SCT (UTC-1)
Postal code 51
Northern Isles (Romic: Eòlannan a'tuaidh, pronunciation: [ˌjœlɐnən ɐˈtʉ:wið]) is a municipality in the province of the Bird Islands in Rom in the Seafaring Confederation. With 1,435 inhabitants it is the 15th municipality of Rom

Its main settlement is An grian a'tuaidh located on Big Seagull Island.

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