• Arson is illegal.
  • Rape and Molestation is illegal.
  • Burglary is illegal. 
  • Kidnapping is illegal.
  • Racism is highly illegal. 
  • Identity theft is illegal.
  • Assault is illegal.
  • Homosexuality is legal. 
  • Transgender operations are legal.
  • Driving when under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal. 
  • Posession of any form of weapon is illegal and faces a 25 year prison sentence. 
  • It is illegal to sell use, or posess a firearm unless you are a policeman or an Armed Forces personnel. 
  • Euthenasia is legal to lisenced clinics. 
  • Murder of humans is illegal and faces life imprisonment.
  • Unessecary murder, or brutalisation of any animal is punishable by a 20 year prison sentence. 
  • Hunting of any wild animal is illegal, and faces imprisonment. 
  • Gay Marriage is legal, any church that denies to hold a ceremony will be fined. 
  • Protelysing of Religious beliefs is illegal and faces a 25 year prison sentence.
  • Anyone in posession of a television must have a television license. 
  • Interfering with the Postal Service is illegal. 
  • Failing to recycle certain objects may be punishable by fine. 
  • Advertising of Cigarettes on Television, Radio, in Magazines or Newspapers is illegal. 


  • It is illegal to wear tartan on Fridays. 
  • It is illegal to step on the Cornish flag. 
  • It is illegal to serve Stargazy Pie to animals.
  • It is illegal to catch Dolphins with the intent of consuming them. 
  • It is illegal to smoke in any public indoor area.


  • It is illegal to die in Mercian Parliament. 
  • It is illegal to be drunk whilst riding a horse. 
  • It is illegal to smoke in any public indoor area. 


  • It is illegal to smoke in any public indoor area.


  • Restaurants may not charge for water unless it is accompanied by another item such as ice or a lemon slice.
  • No cows may be present on any roadway between the hours of 7AM and 9AM, and 5PM and 7PM. 
  • If a vehicle is broken down it must be moved to the side of the roadway and marked with a luminiscent triangle. 
  • You may not smoke in any public indoor area. 

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