NothingLand is an awful place where no one can live in the universe, except Overlord Daegalaga and his minions, whose species is NothingLandians. They are evil, and will try to destroy anyone who comes to NothingLand. It's capital, and only city, is Blahblah City. The NothingLandians are purple with green stripes, and red horns coming out of the males' heads. It takes NothingLand 3000000000000000000000000000000000000000000456311118905 Earth years to orbit it's sun. The NothingLandians, are not immortal, but will continue to live until something kills them. They do not overpopulate because NothingLand it's the size of Jupiter, and the NothingLandians have population of about only four billion, which is less than Earth.


NothingLand has three seasons. Yookaahyuch is the season of sunshine and pretty weather. The comes Yaargion. It rains acid rain all Yaargion. Finally there is Blaachooyall. This is the season where all supplies are deteriorated from acid rain.

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