Oppi Laari Defense Force (OLDF)


Because their starships work with electroplasma generators, they have

The Badge of the OLDF

less of them because of the cost and size, but the 3 motherships they have house about 10 fighters and 20 exploratory/mining vessels capable of sublight travel only. Their ships, on the other hand, are more reliable due to the reduced risk of special implosions, but they can often be slightly slower than conventional ships. Their armaments consist of warheads and kinetic weapons such as APCR-loaded railguns.

The Flagship-

The pride of the fleet, the OLEK-01 Upol is the largest and most powerful of the ships sent to do battle, thankfully at the moment, all wars the Oppi involve themselves in are with rebels and natives. Neither can match the technological level of the Oppi-Laari.


The War of Colonisation-

The Oppi-Laari is at war with the natives of Sharia 3, an action which is seen as unethical by the more experienced and “civilised” galactic empires. (ongoing)

The War of Patriots-

A Civil war in “the Twins” the colonists of A are battling the colonists of B, and the government is attempting to intervene with militaristic force. The Laari support the colonists of A, the two are fighting over who gets the moon, and the war started as the colonists of A sent a probe and manned mission to their moon. (ended) 

The Wars of the Powerful

The Rebels of the OFP arose violently recently after the war of patriots ended, a group of dissidents and weakling who beleive that simply because the leaders have complete power, that it is a cruel and merciless dictatorship. On the contrary, the kind and benevolent Oppi-Laari gives the planet unity and wealth, nobody is poor, nobody is uhappy, all the Laari asks is that her subjects remain loyal and if they don't, they must be reminded of their duty.


The Oppi-Laari has no doubts that in the future, they will go to war with another, more powerful spacefaring race, and being the tactical, politically-oriented species they are, they are beginning to form alliances and attempt to abstain from conflict until they have a good military force and decent allied protection.


Each colony of the Oppi-Laari (including Oppen) are split into sectors or regions, they have a scale of danger on a sector-by sector basis. It goes to 7, and at level 6 all Oppi fit for service in the threatened sector must report for duty to repel the potential invaders.

The Scale



The Enemy has starships, or another form of FTL travel.


The Enemy has been sighted in Laari territory (only applies for enemies with starships)

4 The Enemy has been sighted in the sectors system.

The Enemy is on the sectors planet.

6 The Enemy is in a neighbouring sector.

The Enemy is inside the sector.

List of Battles

A list of batles the OLDF have been involved in.

The Battle of Andr

The Battle of Burdol

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