Ej Şarqistan, Biz Sın Maqtamoq
English: O Sharqistan, We Praise You

National anthem of Flag of Sharqistan Sharqistan
Lyrics Fylyp Burugdanyev, 2013
Music Nursultan Daurenov, 2013
Adopted 29 March 2013
Anthem of Sharqistan

Ej Şarqistan, Biz Sın Maqtamoq (O Sharqistan, We Praise You) is the official national anthem of the Republic of Sharqistan, composed in 2013 by Nursultan Daurenov, after the Sharqi Revolution, which ousted the People's Party from power.

Adopted on March 29, 2013, the anthem replaced Sharqistan March (Sharqi: Шарқістанен Марш/Şarqistanen Marş, which was just the Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan with modified lyrics), used from 1991 to 2013.


Sharqi lyrics Translation

Ej Şarqistan, biz sin maqtamoq!
Kelaşekke biz ilgariq;
on min jil boj,
biz qarşiq [va] küraşoq ökten.
Biz davömeq altadej,
biz qarşiq altadej!
Biz imojaq altadej,
biz maqtamoq altadej!
Ej Şarqistan, biz sin
maqtamoq altadej!

O Sharqistan, we praise you!
To the future we advance;
for ten thousand years
we have resisted, struggled.
We will continue,
we will struggle!
We will defend,
we will praise!
O Sharqistan, we will
praise you!

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