The Obsidian Throne is the term used to describe the throne of the Tazen of Ixania. It is also used to describe the government of Ixania as well as the Tazen himself (or herself). In a metonymic sense, the "Obsidian Throne" also refers rhetorically to the head of state and the institution of the Ixanian monarchy itself. The throne itself is literally made of obsidian, expertly crafted to form the throne itself, which is decked in silver, diamonds, platinum, and silk cloth. The throne was created the year Ixania was unified, and given to the first Tazen as a gift from the holy priests from Mount Ixara to symbolize his power and right to rule. Only the Tazen is permitted to sit upon it, and the punishment for disobeying that order is death.


As the second-oldest continuing monarchy in the world after Japan's, the Ixanians' Obsidian throne has been a term and object used in much the same as the British Crown has been to refer to the monarchy in the United Kingdom. In Ixania, the Tazen is believed to be the champion of their god Xauti, who provided Ixania with everything, and thus, everyone and everything within Ixanian territory are considered the personal property of the Tazen and in turn the Obsidian Throne, something which the Ixanians find much pride and joy. The Ixanian monarchy was established in 624 AD when the Seven Centuries' War ended, and Tazen Xona Xo'Aexoioko took over the island of Xivon. The 40th and current Tazen of Ixania is Xevan Xo'Varshaioko, who has occupied the Obsidian Throne for the last 39 years.

The Ixanian constitution clearly states that "the Tazen of Ixania is the sole leader of the Honorable Union, and the symbol of the Ixanian people and their divine unity." Thus, the Tazen is an absolute monarch, with powers far exceeding those of his contemporaries. As the Ixanians believe that the Tazen was selected by Xauti to lead them, the position of Tazen and thus the throne are consider divine positions that if taken, who mark semi-divine status for the holder of the title. Refusing to obey the Throne borders known only on heretical, but also blasphemous if the disobediant subject goes about telling others to do the same, the punishment for which is their swift and immediate death.

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