Oceanian Federation
Flag of the Oceanian Federation Coat of Arms of the Oceanian Federation
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: "An Oceania unified stands strong in times of need."
Anthem: Glory of Oceania

Territorial Map of the Oceanian Federation
Capital. Oceania City
Largest City. Oceania City
Official languages English
Recognized regional languages Bislama
Cook Islands Maori
Fiji Hindi
Demonym Oceanian
Plural Oceanians
 - President
Constitutional Republic
Victor Argent
 - Independence
 - Total

area km2
 - 2012 estimate

 - Total
 - Per capita
National income
Individual income
GDP (nominal)
 - Total
 - Per capita
Same as above
Same as above
Gini Something between 40.0 and 30.0 (low)
HDI (2009) Green Arrow Up Darker Something between .700 and .800 (high)
Currency Oceanian Dollar
Drives on the Left
Internet TLD .oc
Calling code +99

The Oceanian Federation is a state made up out of most of the continent of Oceania. It was formed for economic and military reasons in 1983; since then, it has risen to become a power to rival Australia and New Zealand. In 1987, the Federation acquired New Caledonia from France after a referendum, in 1993 it acquired American Samoa (admitted as Eastern Samoa) after a similar referendum (there had already been disputes for more than twenty years about which American country should control American Samoa (and the U.S. Virgin Islands and other territories), though the "main USA" generally controlled them) and in 2002 it acquired Tokelau and Niue, though not the Cook Islands, from New Zealand after the Cook Islands conflict.

The Federation uses the flag and seal of the former West Indies Federation, which the government has compared to the Oceanian Federation.

Administrative Divisions

The Federation has 15 states (16 including the Capital District):

Flag Name Capital Population Area
Capital District Oceania City 3'120'000 (mostly floating
- 10 km2)
Flag of American Samoa Eastern Samoa Pago Pago 60'000 197 km2
Flag of Fiji Fiji Suva 850'000 18'274 km2
Flag of Kiribati Kiribati Tarawa 105'000 811 km2
Flag of Marshall Islands Marshall Islands Majuro 70'000 181 km2
Flag of Micronesia Micronesia Palikir 115'000 702 km2
Flag of Nauru Nauru Yaren 10'000 21 km2
Flag of New Caledonia New Caledonia Nouméa 260'000 18'576 km2
Flag of Niue Niue Alofi 1500 260 km2
Flag of Palau Palau Koror 21'000 459 km2
Flag of Samoa Samoa Apia 180'000 2831 km2
Flag of Solomon Islands Solomon Islands Honiara 530'000 28'400 km2
Flag of Tokelau Tokelau Nukunonu 1500 10 km2
Flag of Tonga Tonga Nuku'alofa 105'000 748 km2
Flag of Tuvalu Tuvalu Funafuti 11'000 26 km2
Flag of Vanuatu Vanuatu Port Vila 240'000 12'190 km2


The Federation's military numbers about 500'000. The per-capita rates of enlistment vary widely between the states, e.g. about a third of Fiji's population is enlisted, while other states have less than 5%.

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