1st King of Kobidar
Oddr Thiostarson
Oddr Thiostarson
Born 967 A.D.
probably Iceland
Died 1021
Nationality Icelandic
Successor King Adam
Spouse(s) Svana Agnarsson
Children Adam, Jónas
 Oddr Thiostarson was an 11th century viking and founder of the country of Kobidar


Early Life

Little is know about Oddr Thiostarson's youth, save that he was born and raised in Iceland. Apparently he befriended Leif Ericson as an adolescent.

Viking Career

Leif Ericson personal asked Thiostarson to accompany him on his voyage to Vinland. Thiostarson accepted, and the ship set sail. Upon leaving Greenland, Ericson's ship landed on an unkown island to seek refuge from a storm. Thiostarson saw the potential the land might posses, and proposed that he should stay behind. Thiostarson stayed, and built a small settlement that he called Vaastväk, in a tribute to the first vessel he ever sailed on. Thiostarson brought more and more settlers to the island, until the island, known as Oddrsland, became a small nation. Thiostarson ruled the country as it's first King, and led the new country to prosperity. He still maintained a good relationship with the other Scandinavian countries, so his country was one that was not raided. In fact, Thiostarson raided Europe for a number of years while he was King of Oddrsland, until the Europeans proposed a peace treaty with Thiostarson.


Oddr died in 1021 of pneumonia in his Vaastväk palace.


Oddr is credited with the inception of Kobidar, as it was later to be named. He is also the topic of many sagas, legends and folk songs, and is praised as a national figure and the founding father of Kobidar.