The Office of Abnormal Investigation (Westlandic : Aʙɴoяшaг Лɴөиoк Bляo Abnormal Undasok Buro) is an office of the Defence and Public Security Ministry of the Westlandic government which is tasked with the investigation of fringe sciences and abnormal events, including paranormal reports and occurrences within Westland. While it is an office of the Cabinet Defence Ministry, the office also works closely with the Health Ministry when investigating cases which possibly involve mental illness or disease.

The Office has most notably undertaken many investigations over reported UFO sightings and possible UFO abduction claims across Westland. The Office has also undertaken investigations into claims of paranormal activity and hauntings. The Office has uncovered many cases that involve severe mental illness or use of hallucinogenic drugs. 

Mission and Duties

According to the Office of Abnormal Investigation's official mission statement, its duties are as follows;

  • To investigate abnormal events that occur within Westland's sovereign boundaries,
  • To investigate unexplained events that may cause a threat to public safety in Westland,
  • To investigate claims of the unexplained for better understanding of humanity.


  • 12/02/83 - The most notable and landmark case of the OAI, Westlander Oska Bekkenba claimed to be suffering from ongoing harassment from entities following the sighting of a UFO earlier in the month. He claimed that on the 12th of February he was abducted from his house and shown Jupiter, which the entities claimed was their homeworld. Following intensive investigation, the Office substantiated that Bekkenba's claims were wholly untrue and reccommended him for psychological evaluation, which revealed no signs of mental illnesses. Case resolved. 
  • 31/03/93 - Multiple witnesses across western Westland saw a large triangular-shaped UFO speeding across the sky leaving a luminous wake. Analysis of the sightings concluded that the object was the re-entry of a Russian booster rocket combined with a later sighting of a police helicopter. Case resolved. 
  • 0/4/06/94 - UFO Sighting in Datma National Park, shows an unidentified object. The video has been investigated by special effects specialists, and reveals no signs of tampering and has been declared authentic. Case unresolved. 
  • 13/6/13 - A pilot of a Vastavia flight 34,000ft above Kanto, encounters an unidentified object closing in on his passenger plane, the pilot had no time to make an evasive manoeuvre, the Captain instinctively ducked as he believed a collision was imminent. Case is currently unresolved. 
  • 02/04/15 - Statement released following analysis of two allegedly haunted buildings attributed possibly hallucinogenic mould within the buildings' walls to the reported ghostly apparitions.