Office of Public Information
Плʙгıᴋ-Nöтaи Bляo
State Emblem of Westland
Office overview
Formed 1923
Preceding agency Body created
Jurisdiction Westland
Headquarters Office of Public Information, Brikkstö
Employees 1,500
Annual budget $50 Million
Agency executive Kris Angals, Chief Officer
Parent agency Interior Affiars Ministry
Key document Mission Statement of the Office of Public Information (1923)

The Office of Public Information (Westlandic : Плʙгıᴋ-Nöтaи Bляo Publik-Nӧtas Buro) is a department of the Interior Ministry of the Westlandic government which is devoted to public diplomacy, communications and provision of information. Set up in 1923, the Office is responsible for all of the Westlandic government's propaganda and public information activities using a variety of forms, it is also responsible for the Westlandic public service broadcaster, Fӧlksnetzvӧrk and the state newspaper, the Fӧlksprez. It is the largest sub-ministerial department in the Westlandic government, with a budget of approximately $50 million as of 2015. The Office employs a workforce of approximately 1,500 with varying activites from Graphic Designers to Media Consultants. 

Mission and Duties

According the Office of Public Information's mission statement, the Office's duties are as follows;

  • To inform and enlighten the public;
  • To manage the provision of important information to the public;
  • To promote the regime of Westland, but convey balanced and objective information. 
  • To ptomote the ideas, morals, and values of Strassonism to the public.
  • To promote peace, prosperity and equality to all people.
  • Preserve the legacy of Mikail Strasson and the revolution.


Public Service Information


The Office of Public Information is known for producing propaganda that is commonly seen throughout Westland. Propaganda ranges from posters put up on billboards and buildings to television broadcasts and advertisements promoting Strassonism on websites in the country. The reason behind the propaganda is for the promotion of the morals, values, and ideas of the Strassonist ideology and to preserve the legacy of the founder of modern Westland, Mikail Strasson. 


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