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岡井円 Okkaien
—  National Capital Area  —
National Capital Area of Okkai
Clockwise from top right: Heaven Cloud Temple,
Nickname(s): O'tropolis
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Founded 1467 August 12
New Capital 1595 November 27
Named for "Cloud Capital"
 - Type Metropolis
 - Mayor Jui Zhonggai (ZCP)
 - National Capital Area 981.75 km2 (379.05 sq mi)
Highest elevation 7.01 m (23 ft)
Lowest elevation 0.06 m (2 ft)
 - National Capital Area 12,923,165
 - Density 13,163/km2 (32,093/sq mi)
 - Urban 15,678,484
 - Metro 19,896,453
 - Demonym Okkaite

Okkai(Zuanese:岡井円 Okkaien) officially the National Capital Area of Okkai(NCA) is the national capital of Zuanauri and one of thew worlds largest cities. It is the largest city by area and the second largest by population in country. It has 12 million in its city proper area(or its core distrcts). The NCA is a Special City that is the inner metropolis area of Okkai. It makes up the northern part of the Hokoyoshin National Magapolis area, home to 132 million people or 97% of all Zuanaurians, which including the cites of:(Hoikashuku, the north island) Niauk, Ullan, Jiangsu, Kyoken, Okesha, Guangzha, (Kyotashuku, the South island) Taichung, Kaohsiung, Chendgu(largest city), Buisu, Zhonngai, Donghai, Paiten, Ngiati, and Rizu.

Okkai is also the source of major industry in Zuanauri. It has the second highst GDP in Zuanauri(after Chengdu).


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