Capital: Swejos

Governor: Harry Gerr

Vice Governor: Fweti Bre

Population: 5,584,016

Land Area: 8,281.47 km2

Umpum is the capital of Juliania. Here, a lot of people live here just to see the landmarks. It was founded on 1699 BC, and was the very first city of Juliania. Its capital is Swejos, which is in the northwest of the province/state. People of Umpum are caled Umpunians (in Juliannese, Umpuninos).



Town 1 (westmost) - Regget

Town 2 (east of Town 1) - Hetwu

Town 3 (south of Town 2) - Futer

Town 4 (southmost) - Jwue

Town 5 (east of Town 2 and Town 3) - Swejos

Town 6 (north of Town 4) - Truwe

Town 7 (west of Town 6) - Prite


There was only almost short history, but it was founded on 1699 BC, and the population that time was 400 and made capital. On 1294 BC, it was made capital again after Nantun reigned as capital. On 945 AD, the officials made administrative regions, including Swejos. At 1434, They made Hetwu and Futer. They divided it more on 1646 when they added Truwe. At 1782, they added Regget. The population reached almost 1 million that time. The population reached its peak of 13 million at 1923. For that, they made Jwue (jouwe) and Prite. Starting 1924, the population declined and declined till it reached 5 million on 2001. It rised at 6.3 million, and went back to 5.58 million on 2014.

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