Map without nations

Old landis constructed world for a series of novels i am currently writing. It is a fantasy world inhabited by various races however it is ruled and populated by mainly humanoids, the elven races, the dwarven races, the human races and mirkuleons. The geography of old land is an earth in which the lands and seas are revered.

first era

-creation of old land

-mirror land created

- the guardians of light and dark war.

-creation of the elder folk

-the birth of the giants

-the birth of the elves

-birth of dwarves

-the birth of mirkuleons and udroins

-the birth of man

-the war of the dark mountains

-the amnesia

-the war of the elves

-the eternal wars

-mirkuleon civil war

-creation of the Golden Kwaakw 

Second era

The mirkuleons who lived with roughly late dark age technology expanded their Empire invaded the elven lands under the command of kevouslar 1st. they then went southwards to human tribal lands who still lived in the stone age. The mirkuleons decided to slaughter and kill of humans for thousands of years. kevousalar II invaded yaladar and wiped out the populations of the surronding isles. He pushed on further down south conquer more human lands however died in battle against agamoto due to the agamoton being an organised nation unlike most humans.  the lands beyond the west ocean, the history was not fairly documented.

-humans migrate to the central lands

-humans hunt giants to extinctions

-humans go southwards 

-southern humans discover metal

-southern humans discover agriculture and create early kingdoms which were collections of towns

-central humans develop agriculture and feudalism

-the iron age mirkuleons invade and wipe out many stone age humans

-mirkuleons rule over humans

-mirkuleons invade south central lands, the agamoton empire is formed.

-agomoto enslaves fleeing central humans

-agomoto engages in the slave trade with humans

Third era

-humans discover iron age

-humans rebel and create freeland

-Sataro empire formed from wars

-Freeland creates several vassal states -thousands of elves are exiled to the east

Fourth era

-central humans go westwards -new freeland founded

-human-dwarven war

-mirkuleon dwarven pact

-mirkuleon invasion of new human territories

-central humans convert to the faith of life

-creation of various new human states

-invention of trebuchets

-chariots no longer used in warfare

-mirkuleons living near the border raid towns 

fifth era

-Wizard war

-death of the necromancer

-Age of science

-Dwarven technology

-end of kevousalar's direct line

-enthroment to smaqatl's line

-long lasting peace

-discovery and colonisation of uncharted territories

-mirkuleon wars with mauradars

6th era

-Dwarven crisis

-Technology left in the iron age

-world wide anarchy

-fall of the mirkuleon empire

-rise of the mirkuleon republic

-mirkuleon second civil war

-various human wars

-Freeland aids the royalists against the republicans

7th era

-the line of kevousalar is restebilished and the mirkuleon empire rises with kevousalar V

-Freeland creates the central human empire 

-The human and mirkuleon empire hunt down remaining communists and republicans

- Tochman socialist republic becomes a haven for fleeing republicans

-the end of slavery

-the great war

-destruction of the freeland/mirkuleon border

-slavery reintroduced by certain nations

-yaladar war begins

-mirkuleon invasion of former territories including the twin isles

-end of yaladar war

8th era

-Mirkuleon empire destroys Freeland

-Elpam-Kwaakw war

-The central nations bend the knee to the mirkuleon Emperor

-war of the great darkness

-war in the east

-mirkuleon expidation of uncharted lands

-Cold war between the Brotherhood of nations and the allience of resisting nations

-Third mirkuleon civil war

-Split of mirkuleon empire

nations (current and historical) and places

8th era capital territorial changes goverment head of state head of goverment legislature
Eastern mirkuleon empire White mountain annexed Freeland and Donber Absloute monarchy Emperor

Imperial diet

House of nobles (upper chamber)

House of electives (lower chamber)

Western mirkuleon empire 1939 in the seventh era after declaring independence from the rest of the mirkuleon empire Ablsoute monarchy/military junta Emperor
Ulach state After the Ulach freedom war Domion of the mirkuleon imperial hold of the sun island. Part of the twin islands hold



Governor General
Silsian free state after the defeat of the silsia by the eastern mirkuleon empire Domion of the mirkuleon imperial hold of the western central lands cheiftain Lieutenant governer
Durgian free state Durgian parliament declared undying loyalty to the dark mountains hold Domion of the mirkuleon imperial hold of the Dark mountins cheiftain Lieutenant governer
Auchartkam and Charkam No territorial changes Dual monarchy Sultan of Aauchartkam Sultan of Charkam
Greater socialist toch republic Annexation of Pfvarcha single party communist republic President Chairman
New Toch republic Expanded influence into the lands of the mud men

Military junta 


Supreme generalissmo/president
Imperial crownlands of Plaautania and Pfvarchia Imperial domain of the mirkuleon crown Emperor
Holy Agomoton Empire Theocratic monarchy Holy Emperor (appointed by high priest) High priest
Kingdom of Akomoto
Kwaakw empire
Elpam empire
Sataro empire
New Donber
New Freeland
New Pfvarchia
7th era location population territorial changes goverment Head of state Head of goverment  Legislature
2nd Mirkuleon empire

northern central lands, artic region


unification of the commonwealth, the confederacy and Elderhold Lost Yaladar pennisula

Lost the town of Atashiq/mongertown during border changes with Freeland

gained Twin islands

Constiutional Imperial federation Emperor/Empress (heriditary) Grand Vizier

Imperial diet

House of nobles (upper chamber)

House of electives (lower chamber)

Durgia republic central lands. 10,000,000

Decline of the durgian empire

Independent from Freeland after failed Freelander invasion

Non partisan democratic republic

None (the secetary of forgien affairs acts as the de facto head of state).

None (Secetary of domestic affairs acts as defacto head of goverment) Durgian People's council
Grand duchy Donber western central lands 250,000,000

Decline of the Durgian Empire

Gained couny Masan from Freeland

Absloute monarchy Grand Duke/Grand Duchess (heriditary) The chamber of the white tower                          
kingdom of Freeland/republic or Freeland western central lands 170,000,000

Formed during Aundar's rebellion

Independence after the war for the sake of humanity

Lost county Masan to Donber

Lost Plaautania

Lost Pfvarchia

Consitutional monarchy/Parliamentery republic

King/Queen (supported by royalist forces) (heriditary)

(president supported by republican forces) (elective)

Prime minster

the royal parliament 

House of lords (upper chamber)

House of commons (lower chamber)

kingdom of Selsia south western central lands 80,000,000

Indepence after victory in the second Silsia-Agomoto war

absolute monarchy King 



Auchatarkam and charkam coast of silsia 123,000,000 none Twin Sultanistic dictatorship Sultan of Auchatarkam (heridatary) Sultan of Charkam The meeting of the one hundred noble families
plaautania central lands 45,000,000 Indepedence from the Empire of Freeland elective monarchy High King (elective) High King

the chamber of priest electors

The council of prince electors

pvafarchia central lands 35,000,000 Indepdence from the Empire of Freeland Aristocratic republic None (the aristocratic council acts as the head of state) Aristocratic council

The three hundred aristocratic clans

The people's grievences council

Tochman socialist republic eastern central lands 112,000,000 split during the Great war into the Tochman socialist republic and the New Tochman republic Singe party communist republic President (appointed) Chairman

The people's council of the all republic

The people's chamber of republics

Agamoto holy empire southern central lands 475,000,000 lost Silsia after second Silsia-Agomot war Theocratic monarchy Holy Emperor (appointed by high priest) High priest

The priestly order

The house of lords

Akamoto kingdom far southern central lands 74,000,000 none magocratic monarchy King of Kings Supreme wizard

The chamber of the arcane

the chamber of cheiftains

new Tochman free republic south eastern central lands 100,000,000 Independence during the great war Military Junta Supreme Generalissmo  Supreme Generalissmo Grand interior council
New freeland western lands beyond the mirkuleon sea 10,000,000,000 expansion into the great desert presidential republic President


House of representatives

Sataro empire far across the great eastern ocean 700,000,000

unification and modernisation after the Emperor's return from exile

expansion into the great desert

constiutional monarchy Emperor Imperial high minster

house of Imperial dynastics

house of commons

kwaakw empire 1,000,000,000,000 expansion south stratocratic monarchy Emperor Supreme marshal the war council
Elpam empire 1,000,000,00,000 expansion south Aristocracy Supreme lord house of aristocrats the grievence council
N'ka None Magoracy The arch wizard The cheif seer the tower of the arcane
new selsian republics None Federal aristocratic republics Lord-President council of the aristocratic republics the chamber of new selsian 
new donber Expansion into the great desert Non partisan consitutional monarchy Prince the supreme circle  The council of affairs
new plauutania None oligarchy Baron The chamber of minders
new pvafarchia none Kritarchy Supreme commissioner  Supreme Judge Council of law
yaladar Indepedence after the great war Presidential republic President Cheif of the executive
do'a'ak none magocratic tribal confederacy
ashan none slave society to Do'a'ak none none
Nations 6th era territory changes goverment
Mirkuleon commonwealth Darkmountains, ravenhold and reindeerhold as well as lion rock islands after fall of mirkuleon empire Royal commonwealth republic
Kingdom of Elderhold Indpedent kingdom after the break up of the mirkuleon empire unitary absloute monarchy
Mirkuleon confederate lands Indepedence after the break up of the mirkuleon empire Various tribal lands in a peace pact governed by a singular military leader
Toch socialist republic Unified by General Xamu from the Ibonax tribe Single party socialist state
Kingdom/Empire of Freeland Eduardic line Freelandic conquest of Plaautania and Pfvarchia as well as annexing of the county masan. Absloute monarchy
Grand Duchy of Donber Lost the county of Masan after war with Freeland absloute monarchy
Republic of Durgia None non partisan democratic republic
Sataro prince states Exile of the Imperial family during the revolt of the nobles Federal unification of feudal principalities
Kwaakw war state Kwaakwic tribal states unified through war counsel. War state
Elpam confederacy Formed from the lands unified by the Mirkuleon eastern trade company.
Federal Silsian republic republic of Oak, republic of Passuzchitan and republic of Emreland unification 
new Donber None
new freeland none

geography and contients

Oldland in the most simple explantion is a reverse earth, the pacific ocean, atlantic ocean, indian sea etc are all land whilst the Americas and Afro-Eurasia are oceans. This means there are two oceans the largest being the great eastern ocean which is terrestial afro eurasia. It is home to various islands and is what seperates the central lands and the rest of the west from the east. The second ocean is known as the western ocean and it is made up by two seas, the mirkuleon sea in the north and the toch sea to the south. Each are named after the countries in which have the largest population surronding the sea. It could be said that there is a ocean which is called the southern ocean however most people consider it a part of the eastern ocean as the agamoton sea. When it comes to land Old land is split into various contiental territories, these are the central lands which are located inbetween the two oceans, the westerlands which are located past the western ocean and the easterlands located beyond the eastern ocean. The centrall ands are split into the nothern central lands which is an area located to the north it is a mountainus area filled with taiga and tundra it also has on the foot hills of the mountains a grey rocky desert. It is a harsh land which gets harsher and harsher the further north one goes, the farth north is an arctic wasteland which streches across the north pole devoid of any life apart from a few fish live beneath the ice and caribou which roam it but never venture too far away from were the moss and the lichin grow. The central lands are a temperate area located at the centre of the the central lands, it is unlike the north fairly fertile with large amounts of forests and flat plains used for agriculture. 


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