Olivia Joiner
Olivia Joiner
Official portrait
4th Interior Minister of Interex
Assumed office
3 January 2003
Preceded by Matthew Connor
Personal details
BornMay 28, 1982 (age 21)
Interex City, Interex
Olivia Joiner is the current Interior Minister of Interex, and the daugther of current Chancellor, Ryan Joiner. In 2003, Olivia took over what was at one point considered the most useless body of the government, and transformed it into the most terrifying force in Interex. Her role are as the "enforcer of Interex" has kept dessenters in hiding, and government employees working. Like the rest of the Interex, Olivia is an atheist who views herself beyond the morality of the world, and views them as hampering the development and progression of th human race. Her lack of morals have permitted her perform actions that have killed thousands, such as her authorization for the use of force to root out terrorist living in the urban areas of Jammu & Kashmir.

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