Ollað Västmann (Born: 11 July 1971) is a Westland politician, sociologist and activist, who is the 19th and current President of Westland elected to office in 2010. Västmann is a member of the Liberal Socialist Party and is a former National Council member for the East Constituency from 1995 to 2000, when he retired to become a political activist and author. He ran for presidency in 2005, but was defeated by winning candidate, Britta Perrisson, he ran again in 2010 and was elected for the position. 

Västmann was born in 1971 in Käntvarburg in Käntvar. He studied at Ostkäntvar Sköl, and went on to Käntvar Þorsson Kolleg where he studied Sociology, Government and Politics, English, Psychology and Art at STS Level. He later studied Sociopolitical Communication at University of Westland in 1986. Following graduation from University, he began work at Rikanötas until he left the job in 1990, to join the Liberal Socialist Party, he quickly rose through the ranks and was selected to stand as a National Council member in the East Constituency in 1995. 

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