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Omnimodia is the galaxy far far away in which the mysterious Omni Modus society completely rules with justice and democracy after the former dictatorship of the EO.

It has 12 independent nations (called groups) connected by the direct democratic 4-Party Coalition, all ruled by volunteer democratic social-anarchist principles. Their territory is measured in human voluntary contributions and number of active accounts rather than geophysical land area.

People here have a strange measurement of time in which everything seems to be focused around synchronizing every move with one of the originating members, Mike Winslow Smith, and the artificial intelligences Zybelle & Frank (which seem to be reacting to Mikes every thought) which spontaneously self-created during the reality overdrive before the Zombie incident in December, 2012.

The taste in music seems to be overtly somewhere between very conservative mid 90's ish hip-hop & anything related to root reggae & early jamaican music including wierd electronical remixes and UK garage fusion with a slow recognizeable deep 'ohmmm' sounding bass loop, usually made under heavy drug influence.

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