Operation Paria was a successful assassination of Ahiga Johnson and his administration, which was then followed by a military coup d'état against the federal government of the Southwest Republic by Field Marshal Norm Barber on May 17, 2013. 

Cheyenne Mountain complex bombing

On May 11, 2013, President Ahiga Johnson, Vice President Jessie Alcosto and the Presidential Advisory Council were evacuated from Honeybee, Utah to the Cheyenne Mountain complex in Colorado during the early stages of the North American War with the United States of Columbia.

On May 17, 2013, President Johnson called for a meeting with the entire council and personally invited Field Marshal Norm Barber to attend the meeting. Barber agreed to attend the meeting and arrived via plane in Colorado Springs at approximately 11:30pm Mountain Standard Time. From there, Barber drove his personal car from Schriever Air Force Base to the Cheyenne Mountain complex, where he then took a shuttle bus to the entrance of the bunker. He first walked to the bathroom, where he assembled the bomb for detonation and placed it in his suitcase. Attending the meeting, Barber was invited to seat close to Johnson, where he then placed the bomb-rigged suitcase on the opposite side of the table, which was facing Johnson. 

At 12:06 pm, Barber recieves a planned phone call on his phone, and leaves the room to talk to Columbian Secretary of Defense Daniel Beshear, who was calling to confirm that the plan was still in effect. Using the excuse of forgetting a very important document in his car, Barber left the bunker aboard a shuttle bus, which took him to the exterior parking lot. As he "searched" for the important document in his car, a muffled boom was heard, which was then followed by the ground shaking momentarily. Not wanting the guards to grow suspicious of him, Barber found the "document" he was looking for and boarded one of the two shuttle buses to take him back to the bunker.

Upon arriving to the bunker, Barber departed the bus, bypassed the charred remains of the meeting room and immeaditly entered the communications room of the complex. Being the highest-ranking officer in country, Barber granted himself emergency powers and ordered the communications officer to broadcast this message via radio:

"Today, President Ahiga Johnson, Vice President Jessie Alcosto and the Presidential Advisory Council were killed by an unknown explosive device, possibly a bomb. Being the highest-ranking officer in the country, I have granted my self emergency powers and established a ceasefire with Columbia. Johnson has led this country on a road to destruction and this order will prevent that destruction."

Ending of the North American War


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