Operation Smoked Reindeer is the secret operation carried out by AMTACT forces to capture criminal Silvio Berlusconi.


Berlusconi was rumored to be a mafia boss for many years but it was unproven until the 1990s. He was arrested in 1998 after major finger-pointing and top politicians denouncing him. He was also implicated in the killings of two Europan judges in the early 1990’s, a Social-democrat politician in 1995 and an reporter/attaché to the Baltic Union embassy (in 1996) who was closely following him. Various other reporters and police officers are thought to have been murdered under his orders. After his arrest, he was freed in a major bust and had remained in hiding. In 2003 he began to re-emerge, killing the Europan trade minister and other notable Everetti businessmen. Soon all levels of the military and intelligence were on him and he was forced to flee.

The days before

In May of 2011 a woman living in Berat, Albania Province reported to police that she believed to have seen Berlusconi emerging from a house in her neighborhood. Europan Intelligence was soon tracking the location and in late May conformed that he was inside a house in the town. Weeks of planning soon led to the operation in June. The operation was given the name “Smoked Reindeer” after a comment he said about Finnish food.

Operation: Smoked Reindeer

On June 13, 2011 at 0827 hours local time two Marelli C60 helicopters closed in on Berlusconi’s hideout. Soon they were met with sporadic gunfire. Soon, 2 black Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG’s left the garage at full speed and were pursued by local police vehicles, the helicopters and 2 AMTACT vehicles, a Koeningsegg CCXR and a Lamborghini Gallego. As authorities wanted all those involved alive, Supernova weapons (a special type of Pulsed Energy Projectiles) were used to neutralize the gunmen and the drivers. Berlusconi himself was hit twice or three times by PEP’s and all 7 men involved were detained by 0901 Local time.

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