Operation Steel Justice
Part of Syrian Civil War
Zver mercenaries in Syria
Zver mercenaries patrolling the streets of Damascus in Syria
Date 5 May 2013–Present
Location Syria
Status On-going
Logo of Pravus International Pravus International

Flag of Palestine Corporate Republic of Palestine
Flag of Syria Syrian Arab Republic
Flag of Iran Islamic Republic of Iran

Flag of the Free Syrian Army Syrian National Coalition
Appalachia Bear Flag 2 Mountaineers Society
Commanders and leaders
Logo of Pravus International Julius Marshall
Logo of Zver Security Network Vera Marshall
Logo of Global Armaments George Marshall
Flag of Palestine Mamoud Abbas
Flag of Syria Fd.Mar. Bashar al-Assad
Flag of Syria Gen. Fahd Jassem al-Freij
Flag of Syria Gen. Mohammed Saeed Bekheitan
Flag of the Free Syrian Army Moaz al-Khatib al-Hasani
Flag of the Free Syrian Army George Sabra
Flag of the Free Syrian Army Col. Riad al-Asaad
Flag of the Free Syrian Army Mohammad Riad Aal-Shaqfeh
Flag of the Free Syrian Army Haitham al-Maleh
Appalachia Bear Flag 2 Grove Keeper Isaac Sorrows
Government forces: 279,580 troops
Logo of Pravus International Pravus Security Forces: 3,750 troops
Logo of Zver Security Network Zver Mercenary Forces: 15,000 troops
Logo of Global Armaments GA technicans: 230
Flag of Palestine Palestinian forces: 37,600 troops
Flag of Syria Syrian Armed Forces: 200,000 troops
General Security Directorate: 8,000
Flag of Iran Iranian Revolutionary Guard: 15,000 troops
Rebel forces: 73,234–103,234 troops
Flag of the Free Syrian Army Free Syrian Army: 70,000–100,000 fighters
Appalachia Bear Flag 2 Mountaineers Society Militia: 3,234 fighters
Casualties and losses
70,000 civilians killed since beginning of civil war
Operation Steel Justice is a military operation conducted by Pravus International and the Corporate Republic of Palestine to defend the government of Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad. With the aid of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the additional forces of the Pravus-led coalition hope to steer the course of the civil war, already in favor of the government, toward a swift end. Pravus' intervention is largely the result of the Palestinian government seeking to secure its borders against potential jihadists in the rebel forces in Syria, while preserving the government of the nation to prevent wide scale destruction of the nation's infrastructure rather than waste money on rebuilding a new one.

On May 9th, the Appalachian's Mountaineers Society, a highly unknown group has begun to infiltrate the rebels ranks to rid the movement of jihadists and Islamic extremists, but still seek to see the overthrow of the Syrian government and the crippling the international power, Pravus.

International Response

While the government of the United States of Columbia has no official statement, inside news sources have provided that state run news channels do show a neutral standpoint on the conflict but have criticised Jihadists and Islamists inside the rebel forces and have called the Mountaineer Society a 'militia' of Appalachia.

The government of the Southwest Republic condemns Pravus International's intervening in the Syrian civil war in support of Bashar al-Assad. President Ahiga Johnson, in a separate statement, calls for the Southwest Republic's allies: Russia and China, as well as the United Nations, to take some sort of diplomatic measure to remove Pravus International from Syria. Johnson recognizes the Syrian National Coalition as the legitimate government of Syria.

The Prime Minister of Wessex and Cornwall has called for a UN intervention in Pravus International's operations in Syria, due to the companies sheer abuse of it's power. She also stated that she was 'disgusted' with Pravus' operations. The Prime Minister has also announced further Non-Violent Aid operations in Syria for both Civilians and the Rebels. However will not be directly involved in this violent conflict.