The OFP is a terrorist organisation that believes that the Oppi-Laari should be split into corporations and rules by a parliament made of the CEO's their main points of argument are aimed towards the still-rebellious citizens of Twin B. They arouse suspicion and dissent amongst the colonists, and encourage the colonists to rise up again and attack the Oppi-Laari. They get a lot of money from their corporate sponsors and are almost capable of Hyperdrive technology, they manufacture shuttles based on designs of the Shuttle that the Twin B rebels used in the battle of Andr.


The OFP are supported by various companies.

-Frihtz Arms Manufactury (FAM)

-Bodyguards of the Oppi

-Standard Shipyards Co. (SS Co.)



The OFP do not have as great weapons as the OLDF, and their weapons usually consist of regular firearms, usually rifles with fairly poor accuracy. They are almost all supplied by the FAM.


The OFP have very early tanks, the tanks have rudimentary turrets firing impact grenades, but they are not very hardy.

They also have some fighter craft, with some basic hyperspace technology, they house 4 people and flak weapons. They also have a corvette which also has basic hyperspace drives. They are no match for the OLDF.


It is believed that the OFP originated from the dangerous planet of Berou, which the Oppi-Laari were unable to colonise because of its extremely hostile environment, it is believed that the OFP live underground on the planet to avoid OLDF radar and scans.

They are trying to convince Twin B to secede and join the OFP.

The OLDF are preparing to launch an assault on Berou, but they fear the dangerous animal life.