The starships of the Oppi are different to most conventional starships, they work on the theory of the Higgs Boson particle, and they accelerate their ships to faster-than-light speeds by generating a field around the ship which repels Higgs particles, they do this with an electroplasmic field and without the Higgs particles to give them mass, they can be accelerated past light-speed. It was only developed recently as more pressure from astronomers to explore outer space and conquer new lands.


Oppi use grenade launcher-type weaponry, which fires an explosive shell at high velocity with an impact detonator. They also have weaponized animals, called Bonecrackers, which are hardly, two legged animals with a powerful bite. They can be armored with flak plates. This reduces explosive damage.


The Oppi does not at the current time have access to energy weapons such as lasers, but due to an encounter with a derelict alien vessel which had the capacity to fire laser weaponry, many millions of funds have been poured into research onto outfitting some Oppi ships with the weapons. It has as of yet been unsuccessful because the Oppi do now know what ingredients are required, what the power input or output is, or how it works. Because of Safety measures, the Oppi-Laari has decided to uncover exactly how the devices work before putting them to field tests.

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