Opwr Tija Kwaj
Opwr Tija Kwaj.jpg
Monarch King Author II
Deputy Ritths Van Der Lyle
Preceded by Lam Kingdom Twyford
Leader of the Opposition
Personal details
Born September 4th 1976
Nationality Maridian
Political party Labour Party
Spouse(s) Lakr Kajd Jwyn
Children 3
Residence London (Winstree)
Alma mater Essex University
Occupation Prime Minster
 Opwr Tija Kwaj is the current prime minster of the Meridian. He was born in 1976 in Colchester and studied to be come to be a prime minster. He was granted in 2011 and had a place in the Palace of Westminster in 2002.



Opwr Tija Kwaj is born in Highwoods, Colchester. Opwr Tija Kwaj was the youngest son of the stockbroker Gwly Wpek Kwaj. Gwly was maried in September 1981 with Lwjk Iwk Jkam. He lived with his two brothers, Almly Wpek Kwaj and Wle Tija Kwaj.


In 1982, he started going to independent school. Because of good grades, he went to admedic class. At 1988 he went to secondary school. He pasted 12 O levels and 3 A levels. He obtained 3 A levels and a '1' in the Scholarship Level. The following autumn he passed the entrance exam for Essex University where he was offered an exhibition.

After leaving his secondary school, he worked on his 9 year gap at Essex University. In his three months he attended debates in the House of Commons. Opwr then began his Bachelor of Arts studies in PPE. His tutor, described him as "one of the ablest" students he has taught, with "moderate and sensible Conservative" political views. Lee Lwey, who shared tutorials with him, remembers him as an outstanding student; "We were doing our best to grasp basic economic concepts.

Political Carrer

In 1998, he graduated from Essex University and gone to London School of Politcs. He studied there until 2002, where he met him self to have a place in the Houses of Parlement. He was apointed to be the Departement of Protection

Change One Thing Speech

After, he was chairman, in 9th November 2011, he made a speach about the quailty of the Meridian. He was apointed Prime Minster after Lam Kingdom Twyford.

"I would change one thing about the Meridian, that everyone will have civil rights, equality also education. We need to build more solar farms and windmills, build housing for everyone and have cheaper affordarble ways to cut taxes."Opwr Tija Kwaj

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