Orange Line (XRail)
XRail at King Marche Station.jpg
Type Rapid transit
System Londinium Subway
Locale Londinium, Welsh County, Forriedor, St. Mary's County, Forriedor
Terminals Merrimore
New Forest
Stations 23
Opened September 22, 1971
Operator(s) Londinium-Frontier Transit
Track gauge Standard Gauge
Electrification 25kV Overhead Wire (currently being developed)
Highest elevation at grade

XRail, marketed and marked on system maps as the Orange Line, is a diesel rapid transit line, serving Londinium, Forriedor and its immediate suburbs. The service uses the existing rights-of-way of Ivalice National Railways' North Coast and Midlands corridors, with a pair of parallel tracks next to the INR, and platforms for its 23 stations.

The line is operated by Londinium-Frontier Transit, the area's main public transit agency, which also operates the electric Londinium Subway lines and the Londinium MuniBus services. XRail service is operated with diesel multiple units built by Goninan in Australia, and is considered as a Londinium Subway line. It connects to INR inter-city rail services at several stations, primarily King Marche station.

The service is currently being upgraded with new electric trains with 25kV overhead wires. The new Electric Multiple Units are being built by CAF in Spain.


The Orange Line's southern terminus is the INR station at Merrimore. From Merrimore, the Orange Line approaches Londinium from the southeast, passing through Wilkinston and Madoka Highlands before entering downtown. A connection to the Subway Purple Line is possible at Madoka Highlands, in the center of the Financial District, and is heavily used by commuters from the southern suburbs. The Orange Line runs parallel to the City Loop's eastern side, making stops with connections at King Marche, Faulkner Court Square, and Camden Arena.

After diverging from the Loop north of downtown, the line crosses the Aerelon River on the Shaw Avenue Bridge, and serves neighborhoods north of downtown, going directly through Moncaster Mills to Johnston Drive. Turning east to follow Johnston Drive, the Orange Line intersects with the Green Line and INR North Coast lines at Western Parkway, and continues northward to the suburban town of Richmond, where another INR connection is possible. North of Richmond, the Orange Line ends at the New Forest Way park and ride center.

List of Stations

The following stations are along the line, from north to south: