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Order of Holders

The Order of Holders is an order of Holders. It is more commonly known as simply the Order, as it is the much larger and more well-known than the other order. It is the largest interguild organization, with tens of thousands of members spread through out the world of Lorica. It is charged with hunting down people and organizations (most commonly sects that the Interguild Investigative Association has charged with having stolen a guild's spells.

The spells available to this Order's members are not particularly powerful or diverse. However, they certainly are sufficiently advanced to offer more than a match for most sects they have to eradicate. Holders are certainly more dangerous than most mundane-only soldiers. Only sects with resourceful and intelligent spellshapers, or with sufficiently developed spells, will be able to defeat the Order's Holders with any reliability. However, when that threshold is reached, a mage sect will generally find it easy to continually defeat other Holders they may come across, since any two Holders are very similar in capability, different primarily based on their rank. The same tricks that work against one Holder will generally work against any other Holder of the same rank.

The Order is the United Guilds's first line of defense against secretstealers. If they are not able to suppress leaked secrets, the Order of Keepers is then brought in. The Order takes orders from the Order of Keepers.

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