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Konungsríkið Tórey
Official language Ostnian
Capital Regenviche
Area 103,034 km²
34,290,391 (January 3rd, 2006)
Independence (from Denmark) August 13, 1645
Treaty of Brömsebro
King Jóhannes III
Prime Minister Ólafur Víkblöð

Ostnia is an island kingdom in the Atlantic Ocean. The nearest country in the north is Nannica, and Faroe Islands are in the south. To the east is Svalbardian autonomous area of Jan Mayen.


Ostnia is divided in mid-level to 13 counties (Ostnian: sing. sýsla, plur. sýslur) and a capital region. In contrast to other European constitutional monarchies, these counties are actually led by their counts (Ostnian: sing. kuntur, plur. kuntar) or countesses (kýntes, kýntesir), rather than by elected officials.


  • Arneda
  • County of Regen (Reykjada)
  • Dalata
  • Ferd
  • Glem
  • Húnavatneda
  • Múlasta
  • Mýrada
  • Skaftafelta
  • Snaefelta
  • Strandata
  • Thingeyjarda
  • Vestmenda

Ostnia subd

Further, Ostnia is divided to 496 municipalities.

Municipalities with over 250000 inhabitants:

  • Regenviche (Reykjavík), 1,699,000 inhabitants
  • Acourire (Akureyri), 957,000 inhabitants
  • Hofen (Höfn), 912,000 inhabitants
  • Holl (Hóll), 755,000 inhabitants
  • Kephelviche (Keflavík), 502,000 inhabitants
  • Skinnastaðir, 413,000 inhabitants
  • Mosfellsbaer, 396,000 inhabitants
  • Kópavogur, 371,000 inhabitants
  • Borgarnes, 298,000 inhabitants
  • Garðabaer, 272,000 inhabitants
  • Borðeyri, 253,000 inhabitants


Regenviche (Ostnian: Reykjavík):

  • 38°N, 8°E
  • on coast
  • January +15°C, rainfall 54 mm
  • July +25°C, rainfall 76 mm
  • annual precipitation 1094 mm, wettest month is October

Vobenviche (Ostnian: Vopnafjörður):

  • 35°N, 10.5°E
  • on coast
  • January +19°C, rainfall 48 mm
  • July +26°C, rainfall 285 mm
  • annual precipitation 1943 mm, wettest month is August


  • 36.5°N, 10.5°E
  • on coast
  • January +18°C, rainfall 64 mm
  • July +27°C, rainfall 264 mm
  • annual precipitation 2635 mm, wettest month is August


  • 37°N, 9.5°E
  • inland
  • January +12°C, rainfall 56 mm
  • July +26°C, rainfall 72 mm
  • annual precipitation 995 mm, wettest month is November

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