This is a Shnoowurfian History Version. It will probably not happen. Probably.



Osur was discovered in 2699 by Archie-Glapto. It was in the midst of it's greatest "Space Age" Revolution. Archie-Glapto made a dimensional portal, leading to an infinite plain. It is supposedly infinite. It contains only grass and rivers. Archie-Glapto began to colonize it in 2702, finding it hospitable for its rapidly increasing population.

Against Neo-Lithuania

Neo-Lithuania felt heavy succes for conquering the world once. The leader as of 2709, Hth-kthsd Jnsdkpld, felt his nation should have control over Osur to complete the legacy. All of Osur. Archie-Glapto allowed Neo-Lithuania to come and colonize Osur, which had no actual recources other than dirt and grass, but not control all of it. Archie-Glapto did discover it after all, did it not?

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