This information is supplied as an overview and general reference to the Republic of Turkicstan

General Reference

  • Common English Name: Turkicstan
  • Official English country name: The Republic of Turkicstan
  • Common Turkish Name: Türkistan
  • Official Turkish country Name: Türkistan Cumhuriyeti
  • Demonym: Turkic
  • Official country code top level domain : .tr

Geography of Turkicstan

  • Location: Trans-continental; Europe, Central Asia and Eastern Asia.
    • Eurasia
      • Asia
        • Southwest Asia and East Asia
  • Europe
    • The Balkans
  • Land Boundaries:
  • Population of Turkicstan: 117,381,369
  • Area of Turkicstan: ----

Administrative Divisions of Turkicstan

Cities of Turkicstan


Government and Politics

History of Turkicstan

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