Westland - sovereign nation located in south of the British Isles, bordering the United Kingdom to the north and the Westland Channel to the south. It is the least populous of the Western European countries, with a population of 721,324 in 2014. Westland is unusually cold for its location, as the Gulf Stream and Jet Stream has less of an effect than other parts of Western Europe. 

General Reference

  • Common English Name: Westland
  • Official English Name: Westlandic Republic
  • Common Westlandic Endonym: Vestrlands
  • Official Westlandic Endonym: Sjorlðríksins Vestrlands
  • Adjectival(s): 
  • Demonym: 
  • Etymology: West Saxons > Wessex > Westland 
  • ISO Country Codes: VS, VSR 364
  • Internet Top-Level Domain (CCTLD): .vs

Geography of Westland

  • Westland is a maritime country. 
  • Land boundaries: 1 (United Kingdom)
  • Population: 721,324 people 
  • Area: 

Location of Westland

  • Westland is situated within the following regions;
    • Northern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere
    • Atlantic Ocean
      • Westland Channel
    • Eurasia
      • Europe
        • Western Europe
          • British Isles
            • Great Britain
  • Time Zone: GMT - UTC +0
  • Extreme Points of Westland:
    • High: Fjulliðődins (572 m)
    • Low: Somersætválő -7 m

Environment of Westland

  • National Parks of Westland
    • Norðbjaroskirsla National Park
    • Álfiðmor National Park
    • Exmor National Park
    • Kluttarfjullur National Park
  • Wildlife of Westland
    • Flora of Westland
    • Fauna of Westland

Geographic Features of Westland

  • Mountains of Westland
    • Fjulliðődins
    • Kluttarfjullur
  • Rivers of Westland
    • Axflúð
    • Ævonflúð
    • Éxflúð
    • Íðvenflúð
    • Jőflúð
    • Kantflúð
    • Þjarenflúð
    • Þǽmsflúð
  • Waterfalls of Westland
    • Kluttarfjoss
    • Eðváfjoss
  • Geographical Regions of Westland
    • Auðurlandaríg
    • Midvestrlandríg
    • Norðurlandar
    • Sjúðríg
    • Vesturkleðaríg
  • Capital and largest city of Westland: Uýnjasistir

Government and Politics of Westland

History of Westland

Culture of Westland

Economy and Infrastructure of Westland

Education of Westland

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