The Overlord's Council is the advising body which supports the Overlord of Western Tameros in his duties and implements his policies and decrees. The Council consists of two separate yet intertwined entities - the Inner Council and the Big Council. The Big Council meets once every two months in plenary session and consists of XX councilors. The Inner Council is selected by the Overlord from the Big Council to act as a cabinet of sorts who supports him daily.

Inner Council


  • Lord High Chancellor: The leader of the Council in the Overlord's absence and the de facto head of government.
  • Lord High Treasurer: The Overlord's chief financial adviser and head of the Theme's financial policy mechanics.
  • Lord High Inquisitor: The spymaster and the Overlord's intelligence enforcer.
  • Lord High Justice: Head of the Theme's justice system and the chief developer of law.
  • Lord High Commander: The commander of the Overlord's personal security detail and the chief liaison between the military and the monarchy.
  • Lord High Spiritual: The Overlord's religious and cultural adviser.
  • Lord High Consul: The chief diplomat of the Theme.

Big Council


  • Regional members
  • Professional members
  • Noble members

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