Type Mega-corporation
Founded 1990
Headquarters , Mexico
Number of locations Uncounted
Area served USA,Mexico,Europe
Industry Multiples
Products Cars, Home Goods, Entertainment, Weapons
Net income Twenty Billion
Owner(s) Darryl Fox
Employees ten million
Divisions Pyramid Motors, Pyramid Arms

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Overwatch is a company based in Mexico. They produce home goods, a popular brand of cars, and weapons, in addition to clothing. Their net worth in 2005 was ten billion dollars. Their logo is a floating eye on a black pyramid background. The owner is Darryl Fox, a businessman from Los Angeles California who inherited the company when Diego Guerra, the founder, retired.


Overwatch has a car company called Pyramid Motors, which is based in Los Angeles. They produce a line of economy cars as well as sport cars, and they produce custom cars for the rich.

Their most popular car is the Dasher MKIV, a four person car that has been produced since 2010. In addition to the Dasher car, they also produce the Dasher SUV, their second most popular vehicle.


Overwatch is experimenting with providing electricity. Currently they only serve Cuba, where they have set up a power plant to test their production. Their electricity is nuclear and the nuclear waste is dumped on a man made island produced by Overwatch.