P-313 Yeoman
Yeoman Launcher
Type Surface-to-air missile
Service history
In service 1996-present
Used by Flag of the Hurian Federation Hurian Federation
Production history
Manufacturer Mkazo Industries
Unit cost $500,000 per unit
Weight 650 kg
Length 4,700 mm
Diameter 385 mm

Warhead Thermal-Kinectic Blast Fragmentation

Engine Thermal Energy Cells
260 km
Speed Mach 5.1 (6,247 km/h)
Radio command with Track Via Missile semi-active homing

The P-313 Yeoman is a surface-to-air missile (SAM), designed by the Hurian Federation for use by its armed forces. Its main duty is to intercept and destroy enemy jet fighters, missiles, or any airborne targets, that pose an immediate threat to Hurian assets. Built off the blueprints of the MIM-104 Patriot missiles, the Yeoman missile is in every way is exact copy, but with better statistics and wider range.

Current Deployment

There are some 1,700 Yeoman missiles in service all across Huria, 600 mobile, all others stationary. Most are located behind the Defiance Defense Perimeter, where they are the safest, while others are built into the Perimeter, or spread across the nation and its island territories. 38 are known to exist in the Hurian capital of Defiance.

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