P.E.A.R.L (Palaedonii Exploration And Resource Link) is an elite team dedicated to carrying out the most difficult and important missions of the First Segment.


P.E.A.R.L was formed shortly after the Palaedonian Apocalypse that forced the Palaedonii away from Palaedonia. It was created so that the First Segment could bring together the greatest fighters in their Segment and put them together into a powerful team. They also wanted to use it to implement any now technological advances that they wanted to bring in.

Since its formation, P.E.A.R.L has travelled across the Lower Sector, completing various important missions for its Segment.


  • Intelligence operation regarding the Fourth Segment. The First Segment were concerned about the growing power of the Fourth Segment and wanted to investigate its actions. The operation was successful and the First Segment now know a great deal about their enemy's movements.
  • Exploration mission on Palaedonia. Little was known about the state of the atmosphere or terrain on the planet following the Apocalypse and so they were sent down to gather as much information as they could.
  • Assassination of a leading Duelliki politician. This is considered P.E.A.R.L's greatest achievement. The Duelliki politician was incredibly powerful and he had plans to launch attacks against the First Segment (this information was gathered by friendly Concorrl spies).

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