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Republic of Pablamata
Republika de Pablamati

Republika sa Pablamata Republika ng Pablamata Republika sang Pablamata República de Pablamata República da Pablamata 共和国的Pablamata

Flag of pablamata
Motto: "Pablamata, Payapaun, Hustesia" (Pablamo) "Pablamata, Peace, Justice" (English)
Anthem: Mapayapanun Pablamati (Peaceful Pablamata)
Map of pablamata
Map of Pablamata and other parts of Southeast Asia
Capital San Pablo
Largest city Mariana
Official languages English, Pablamo
Recognised regional languages Cebuano, Filipino, Hiligaynon, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese
Ethnic groups American, Chinese, Spanish, British, Portuguese, Mexican, Filipino, Pablamatan
Demonym Pabalamatan
Government Federal presidential republic
• President
Juan Pablo
• Vice President
Mara Lim
Legislature Cogress
House of Represetative
Independence from Spain and United States
• Spanish civilization
• First Pablamatan Republic
June 1, 1899
• American civilization
• Commonwealth of Pablamata
• World War II under Japanese occupation
• Independence declared
July 3, 1947
• Martial law
October 23, 1977
• Current constitution
March 10, 1989
Gini .20
Currency Pablamatan peso ()
Time zone Philippine Time Zone (UTC08:00)
Date format MM-DD-YYYY
Calling code +1000
Internet TLD .pbl

Pablamata, officially the Republic of Pablamata (Cebuano: Republika sa Pablamata; Filipino: Republika ng Pablamata; Hiligaynon: Republika sang Pablamata; Spanish: República de Pablamata; Portuguese: República da Pablamata; Chinese: 共和国的Pablamata) is the island country located in Southeast Asia. This archipelago located in the Philippine Sea. This country formerly part of Spanish East Indies during Spanish civilization of this archipelago and other parts of the Spanish East Indies like Guam, Micronesia, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau and the Philippines. In 1700, the Portuguese attempt to conquer the Pablamatan archipelago but 100 years later the Spanish re-conquer the whole archipelago. In June 1, 1899, this country declared independence from Spain. But, In 1900, during the Treaty of Paris peace conference, the Americans attempt to acquire the whole archipelago included Philippines, Puerto Rico and Guam. In 1931, the Commonwealth of Pablamata established. During World War II, the Japanese attempt to acquire the whole Southeast Asia(including Pablamata) and other parts of East Asia. In July 3, 1947, the Independence declared from the United States. The capital is San Pablo and the largest city is Mariana.


Ancient history

Spanish civilization

First Republic period

American civilization

World War II

Present day








Political parties

Foreign Relations



Administrative divisions

Pablamata has 6 provinces included 1 capital district:

  1. Azores da Pablamata (Capital: Nueva Azores)
  2. San Pablo Capital District (Capital: San Pablo)
  3. Mariana (Capital: Mariana)
  4. Nueva Sonora (Capital: Sta. Cruz)
  5. San Vicente (Capital: Sta. Angeles)
  6. Filipinas (Capital: New Baguio)
  7. Quinto (Capital: Gumamela)
Map of pablamata 22

Map of Pablamata with it's provinces and a capital district









Primary and Secondary


Private schools



Public holidays

Literature and Arts





Pablamata has 3 major newspaper company in English, named Pablamatan Daily, Pablamatan Star and San Pablo Times.


Pablamata has 5 major radio networks, named Radio Canal, 4Islands Radio, PTN Radio, SPBC Radio and Independent Radio of Pablamata (IRP Radio). PTN Radio was established in 1957. Three years before PTN established. The old name of PTN Radio was Pablamata Radio from 1957 to 1960. SPBC Radio was established in 1955. Two years before SPBC established. The old name of SPBC Radio was Radio San Pablo. 4Islands Radio was established in 1968. One year after FINT established. Radio Canal was established in 1968, one year after CTC established. And, IRP Radio was established in 1946. One year after the World War II ended. IRP is the oldest radio company in the country


Pablamata has 4 major television networks, named Canal Television Company (CTC), Four Islands National Television (FINT), Pablamata Television Network (PTN), San Pablo Broadcasting Company (SPBC). Among of all 3 major television networks, PTN is the largest of all the television networks. PTN was established in 1960. This is owned and controlled by the Pablamatan government. SPBC was established in 1958, the oldest television network in the country. This is also owned and controlled by the Pablamatan goverment. FINT was established in 1965. It named as Four Islands because of the 4 islands of Pablamata. CTC was established in 1967. Only CTC and FINT is not owned and controlled by the government.


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