Palaedonia is the native planet of the species Palaedonii and Varietii who were once a powerful race of
Capital City NA
Currency Standard Dime
Population 300 million
Official Languages Paleadonii
culture. However, over a number of years the peaceful relationships between the various states
Flag of Palaedonia

Flag of Palaedonia

of Palaedonia began to deteriorate, resulting in a nuclear Apocalypse on the planet's surface, wiping out nearly the entire species. To save themselves and their species, a series of scientific groups were able to construct large cargo ships which allowed them to escape the decaying planet. These became the last members of the Paleadonii people. The term Palaedonia is sometimes used to refer to the planet and sometimes the area of space around it controlled by the First Segment. It lies in the Dendrius galaxy, in the Lower Sector.

Before the Apocalypse


Palaedonia continents


Palaedonia is a reasonably rocky planet, possibly owing to a number of collisions between meteorite collisions early in its creation, before its atmosphere was fully formed. The largest mountain ranges are in the northern parts of the world. It also contains many beaches, many small hills and, in particular, a massive amount of coral reefs owing to the diversity of aquatic life that the planet contained.


The two most dominant species on the planet were undoubtedly the Palaedonii and the Varietii, the former ruling the land and the latter controlling the sea. Both were predators because of the large amounts of food that were available to hunt. Overall, it is estimated that there could have been anywhere between ten million and forty million species, and about a quarter of those were aquatic.

During the Apocalypse


The nuclear missile detonations happened on such a scale that tectonic plate boundaries began to become unsettled, causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions worldwide. This created a massive ash cloud that blocked out all light on the planet's surface.


The airborn and land creatures were the first to be wiped out, as their lungs were unable to cope with such conditions. Almost half the air - breathing animals of Palaedonia were wiped out within two hours of the initial strike.

After the Apocalypse

Now, the terrain is mostly barren across the planet. The air has become impossible to breath owing to the colossal amounts of toxic radiation. There is no known animal life and also very little plant life owing to the gigantic ash cloud blocking out the sun and the inhospitable air conditions.

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