Pat Máw Hwi
Number of speakers 700,000 (native)
850,000-1,100,000 (total)
Spoken in Flag of the Ponant Ponant

The Palemahui language (Pat Máw Hwi) is a language that is spoken in the Nevelando province, in the center of the Ponant. It is spoken by 700,000 people, which is about seventy percent of the total population of Nevelando.

Among the population of the Nevelando province, about two thirds of the total population of the Nevelando speaks Palemahui at home, one fifth speak Kriollatino and the rest speaks other european and asiatic languages (mostly Spanish, Catalan and Italian). As the language is official in the Nevelando province (with Kriollatino, official in every province), pupils at school have to learn it. This explains the high number of secondary speakers of the language.

This language is part of the countless isolates of existing in the Lemuria Archipelago.

The language was probably first spoken in the Jokán valley in the mountainous areas of the eastern Nevelandos ; and spread to the west in the 12-13th century.

This language had no written forms until the twelfth century, where the old Palemahui language started to be written. Old Palemahui language have been first written in very isolate villages, as in major cities Aka language was the preferred written language of the scribes. The first attempt to write Palemahui with the Latin script is in 1735, when the Bible was first translated into that language. The romanisation of Palemahui script did not become normalised until 1850, and between 1750 and 1850, each Bible editor has adopted its own transitteration of the Palemahui language, leading to the dialectalisation of a quite homogene language : that constituted a brake to the spreading of Christian religion in that remote region of the Ponant, so that native script, despite the fact that it is less and less used, has not been totally abandoned.


Attacking consonants
k	g	ng	j	nj
t	d	nd	s	nz
v	p	b	mb	mp
l	r	m	n	f
Secondary consonants
r	w	y
a	i	u	e	o
á	í	ú	é	ó
â	î	ô
Ending consonant
n	w	k	t	f

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