Pan-Columbia Industries
Type Public
Founded March 20, 2013
Founder(s) N/A
Headquarters N/A, N/A, Columbia
Area served Regional
Key people N/A
(President & CEO)
Industry Heavy industry
Products N/A
Revenue N/A
Employees N/A
Parent Pravus International
Pan-Columbia Industries is a major industrial magnate in the United States of Columbia, and a subsidary of Pravus International. Created as a result of the Pravus-Columbian Free Trade Agreement in Feburary 21, 2013, Pan-Columbia was created to oversee the creation of new factories and industries based in the Columbian Industry Belt. Tasked with providing hundreds of thousands of jobs for the Columbian people, Pan-Columbia is Pravus' fastest growing subsidary, though for the time being, not its most profitable. However, its president has stated that is soon to change in the coming years as Columbia seeks to expand its industrial power and security.