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The Pan-EUROPAN Ecumene
Motto We Serve the Light
Political data
Governmental form
  • Athenian directorial democracy
  • Constitutional aristocracy
  • Inter-universe poly-governmental alliance
Declaration New Versailles Conference
Common Law  Primary Directorial Codes
Head of State Convocation of Grand Councilors
Head of Government Lord Councilor
Legislature First Council
Policy Co-prosperity and Co-existence
  • EEDF
  • Armies from the Quorum of Thirty and the Great Eights
  • Other member's armies
Founding members
  • Pan-EUROPAN political factions
  • Quorum of Thirty (a.k.a G30)
  • Great Eights
Societal data
Alignment Lawful neutral
Archetype Multiple
Core galaxy Adastreia
Capital world
Capital city
Currency Europan Exchange Credit
Notable for

- Spiritual and legitimate successor of pan-Europeanism - One of 3 supranational alliances in multiverse
- Pan-EUROPAN dominant power
- Pan-multiverse hyperpower

Population in prime universe Impossible to count
Size Omniverse
General data
Tier level Tier 1.8
Kardashev Scale Type III to V randomly
Location Spreading across EUROPA space, totally 1/3 of their sovereign
Current status Expanding. Recovering

The EUROPAN Ecumene, formally Pan-EUROPA Ecumene, known as PEE to outsiders and the Ecumene to EUROPAN sentients, is the largest and current ruling hyperpower in EUROPA sovereign space. An Athenian democracy and a constitutional aristocracy, the Ecumene composes several largest polygalactic empires, as well as a huge portion of EUROPAN civilizations, with colonial interests sprawing across not only EUROPA space, but also other universal corners as well. By the current era, the Ecumene, much like the Sphere, the Commonwealth and the Alliance, would have been the largest civilization in entire known space, should it be one single polity.

The political center of this alliance is Sanctuarium, a celestial megastructure includes multi-layers, totally 2048 layers, each contains at least one distinct world, with various cities and landscapes, styled itself as Dyson swarm. The New Versailles, where the Declaration occurred, is a floating city, exists on 28th layers. The majority of the Ecumene's ruling organizations locate in middle-layers, within several fantasy-liked cities. The Sanctuarium itself located inside the Celestial complex, a much larger complex structure, covering the entire solar system, usually considered as the center of the Ecumene's power, bordered by various defense lines.


A Dyson ring, one of many non-planetary settlement bodies


Based on numerous sources, including but not limit to,  SporeWiki - PAE, Halo - Ecumene, Star War - Galactic Republic (partially), Star Trek - Federation, real-life European Union and Commonwealth of Nations....

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