Panau highways
The northern islands of Panau are connected to each other by a network of motorways (also known as highways, freeways, or interstates). The system consists of five motorways: M1, M2, M3, M4 and M5, the letter 'M' standing for motorway. This system of roadways is very similar to the British motorway system in name. The system covers five of the nine districts in Panau: The Ramai Rakyat IslandsPanau Tengah BayEast Tanah RayaPelaut Archipelago and West Tanah Raya.

M1 Panau City Ring Road

The M1 motorway connects the four districts of Panau City, forming a ring around Panau City. It uses large cable-suspended bridges (same system as the Golden Gate bridge) across the large bodies of water, and elevated sections to cross the high-rise buildings in the city. The bridge pylons are about 150 meters tall.

M2 Tenggara Highway

The M2 motorway starts at an interchange on the Tanah Raya Highway, then go through Selatan Archipelago's far west. Tenggara Highway forms a ring around the north half of the Lautan Lama desert, crossing few settlements and villages. Its name, "Tenggara Highway", stands for "South-East Highway".

M3 Tanah Raya Highway

The M3 motorway forms a big ring-road around the Berawan Besar Mountains on Tanah Raya, connecting the districts of East Tanah RayaPelaut ArchipelagoPanau Tengah Bay and West Tanah Raya. There are 22 junctions/interchanges located on the motorway providing access to locations all over Tanah Raya. In addition, there is one large roundabout junction that connects the M3 to the Ramai Rakyat Islands and Panau City. It is by far the longest motorway in Panau, measuring approximately 72 kilometres in length. It is commonly referred to as the "Tanah Raya Highway".

M4 Ramai Rakyat Highway

The M4 motorway encircles the Ramai Rakyat Islands. The motorway provides the only road access into the capital city, although the M4 does not actually connect to the M1 Panau City Ring. The connection between the M1 and M4 is made by a simple road, until the completion of the roadworks (In blue on the below map).

M5 Selatan Archipelago Highway

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