PBC's current logo used since 1991

The PBC==

The PBC (Panau Broadcasting centre) is the most popular broadcasting agency in Panau. It owns the PNN( Panau News Network) and was founded by Salman Malek in 1964 who was Minister of Media at the time. The PBC was Nationalised in 1973 under the rule of Vasan Panay and was brought under the full control of the Panay Family in 1977. The PBC headquarters is located in Bandar Baru Nipah although was originally based in Panau City before the construction of Bandar Baru Nipah. Under the current rule of President Pandak Panay the Panau BC has been forced to censor most of its content in Panau and opinion and exaggeration are often blurred with facts. Effectively under the new leadership the Panau Broadcasting centres information is very un-reliable although a crucial tool to the President as he relies heavily on propaganda to control the people. In late 2008 a Gunmen from the opposition group the reapers infiltrated the PBC Tower and broadcasted evidence of torture and horrific treatment of those who opposed the Government and provoked the protests and unrest that became widespread in 2009.

The PBC owns the only 6 channels on Panauan TV, PBC 1, PBC 2, PBC Sport, PBC Musik, PBC E! and Panau News Network. However due to the fact there is still in small portion Panau people can not afford TV's only radios, the Panau Free Radio broadcasted by the PBC is the most listened to in Panau. In 2005 the Government spokesman Bachtiar Saleh announced that free radios were to given to every PBC are responsible for broadcasts on propaganda trailers which are visible in pretty much every settlement in Panau.

The motto of the Panuan Broadcasting centre is 'Panauan voice of truth. So listen to it'. In February the PBC shall celebrate its 40th anniversary with a incredibly rare visit from the President.

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