Panau Police Force
Pasukan Polis Panau
பாணஉ காவல் துறை
Abbreviation PPF
Panau Police Force
Logo of the Panau Police Force.
Motto Adil, Tegas, Melindungi
Agency overview
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
National agency Panau
General nature
Operational structure
Sworn members 41,543
Agency executive Tengku Adiputera, Commissioner of Police
Parent agency Ministry of internal Affairs
Line units
NPC/NPPs 103
Police boats 51

The Panau Police Force (Abbreviation: PPF; Malay: Pasukan Polis Panau; Tamil: பாணஉ காவல் துறை) is the main agency tasked with maintaining law and order in state.Formerly known as Panau National Police (Abbreviation: PNP; Malay: Polis Nasional Panau), it has grown from an 9-man organisation to a 41,543 strong force. It enjoys a relatively positive public image,and is credited for helping to arrest Panau's civic unrests and lawlessness in its early years, and maintaining the low crime rate today despite having a smaller police-citizen ratio compared to other major cities.Panau has been ranked consistently in the top twenty positions in the Global Competitiveness Report in terms of its reliability of police services.

The organisation structure of the PPF is split between the staff and line functions, roughly modelled after the military.There are currently 17 staff departments and 6 line units. The headquarters is located in a block at Financial District in Panau City, adjacent to a twin block occupied by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Organisation structure

Panau Police Force 1

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