Panau Raya University

Panau Raya University in the Park district of Panau city

The Panau Raya University is seen as one of South East Asia's finest and was founded by Panau First President Dahari Panay in 1965. The construction was funded by the British Government in a effort to try and repair relations after the war of independance. The University is located in the park district of Panau city and until 2003 was in the top 10 university in south East asia with many foreigners flocking there due to its quality aswell as its affordable fees. But when Pandak Panay took over from his Father he banned all foreigners from the university and only allowed the wealthy and elite of Panau to enter. widespread protests in response to this by the youth of Panau were swiftly stopped by the Panau military. 16 protesting students were killed, 10 gone missing and over 50 given imprisonment.        

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