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Pandeitism (Paendei- meaning "all dimensions") is the belief and worship in the "Great Overlord of Dimensions", also known as God, and the great Angel Guardians that watch over the Material Universe, preventing interdimensional malfunctions. Pandeitism is the official religion of not only the Htraen Confederation but also millions of known beings from all across the Material Universe that recognize God as the creator and ruler of all dimensions. In fact, Pandeitism was first introduced to Htrae by otherworldly beings.

Holy Scriptures

Pandeitism revolves around two holy scriptures, although Pandeitists recognize three texts that are important to their religion. These three texts are the "Panodex" and the "Unis Verakodapana" as the Holy Scriptures, and the Great Legends as allegorical accounts of the Guardians; a mass collections of legends of great heroes from all over the Material Universe that were considered saints and saintesses in Pandeitism.


The Panodex (Paendei + exis meaning "All dimension knowledge") is the first Pandeitist Holy Scripture that is a composition of knowledge of all Dimensions, Peoples, etc, their Divine History, and God's purpose for them. The Panodex series has a total of 200 books, and it is customary for a Pandeist monk to read through all of them throughout their life's training. 

Unis Verakodapana

The Unis Verakodapana (Unis- meaning "the one"; Verako- meaning "timeless" or "infinite"; Oda- meaning "doctrine"; -Apaen meaning "for all"), also known as the "Unisvera", is a compilation of holy doctrine all Pandeists must follow in life or abide in punishment, as well as parables to describe them. It is customary for Pandeitist preachers to memorize all of the Unisvera in their life's training.

Religious Practices

Practicing the worship of God and the Guardians; the religious observance of Pandeitism, generally takes place in Pandeitist Temples or the surrounding Parade Grounds depending on the size of audience. Different realms have different Guardians, but have the same God. 


The practice of giving offerings to the Guardians can take place before or after a sermon and reading or anywhere. According to Pandeitism, each Guardian, in his or her material form, represents a principle or a specific type of object, and that burning an offering to a specific Guardian shall grant you specifications. For example, if one is to go on a fishing trip, before fishing, they would burn an offering to Raybascottus, the Guardian of Fishing, so that they would have a chance of "luck" when catching fish.


The prayer can be either a small offering of emotional respect to a divine being, a practical wish to be granted, or a question to be answered. It is customary that all souls pray thrice a day to God because God is believed to be of absolute availability, while a prayer to other divine beings are reserved for specific purposes. A prayer can be done anywhere to God, while prayers to other divine beings are believed to work much more well in a place of religious observation.

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