Pandemia is a post-apocalyptic setting which takes place on Earth, after a pandemic swept through the world, turning a majority of Earth's population into mindless cannibals "creepers", while the remaining was either killed off by non-zombie deaths, or survived and established small safe-zones across the world.


In December of 2012, an outbreak of an unknown disease occured in Pyongyang, North Korea, leading to several infected people to being hospitalized. However, the several infected left their human lifes, and returned as mindless "creepers", which easily swept through the hospital, and out onto the streets of Pyongyang.

News of the outbreak soon reached South Korea and China, who closed its borders completly to North Korea. However, the numerous tunnels dug across the DMZ helped spread the infection into South Korea, leading to the pandemic spreading into Japan, and eventually the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and China. The infection swept swiftly across East Asia and Europe, devestating the world economy, as a majority of products came from Asia.

In January of 2013, an outbreak occured at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which soon spread across the Americas, effectively killing 99.9% of the population of the United States. By June of 2012, the fortified White House was soon besieged by undead, that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, along with their families, being evacuated to the USS George H.W. Bush , a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier that was chosen by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to evacuate the President and Vice President from Washington D.C. should a "zombie" or "creeper" apocalypse occur.

World Today

As of 2030, the world is engulfed in a long and bloody war between the small bands of human survivors across the globe and the overwhelming creeper hordes that infested large parts of the world. The enviorment is beginning to recover without the large presence of humans. Buffalo roam across the Great Plains of the former United States, polar bears and other endangered Arctic mammals breed and hunt freely without the fear of being hunted by sealers or loosing ground to global warming. Whales swim freely and unopposed across all Five Oceans.

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