Panchea is a man-made mega-structure located in the Pacific Ocean 15km off the West Coast of the USA, from which the State of Panchea gets it namesake and it is built on the structure. Panchea was constructed mainly using the resources of Sarif Industries, and David Sarif himself, one of the worlds richest people, In the hope he could create a small portion of the earth that isnt dominated by intolerance and is truly free.


Panchaea is the name of a fictional island, first mentioned by ancient Greek philosopher Euhemerus in the late 4th century BC. It is also similar to the name Pangaea, which is the name for the massive landmass that existed on Earth before it splintered into the separate continents we know today.


Panchea is made up of a large platfrom, held up by five pillars containing hydroelectric power-plants and docks, along with lifts. The State of Panchea is built on top of the platforn, which also contains housing, labs maintainance, and storage.

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