—Metropolitan City—

Parana CBD
 - Mayor:

Metropolitan Area
Saezar La Plata
 - Total:

15,403.2 km2 (5,947.2 sq mi)
 - Rank:

Demonym: Paranean
Postal Code:
A, B, C

Paraná is the largest city in Azoro, with a population 6.8 million people living in the Metropolitan State of Paraná. Paraná is a metropolitan city located in it own metropoitan state, but the metropolitan area has 16.7 million people(9.57 in Azoro, 5.63 million in Argetina, and 1.5 in Uraguay). The city is located on the Uraguay River, at the SW corner of the Three corner border (which is pretty the spot wher Uraguay, Argentina, and Azoro border at once). Paraná has a fast growing population since 2 July 2001 with an yearly growth rate of 1.092 million people.

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