The Pardusian Brotherhood is the sole cluster-wide centralised government entity within the Pardus Cluster. Founded in 101 AD by the members of the Pardusian Compact following the Gongin Invasion of the cluster in 95 AD. The brotherhood was formed with the resources of the former independent governments. The Brotherhood has a strong centralised government tasked with rebuilding the politics and economy of the cluster folowing the desimation by the Gongin war ending in 100 AD. However the Pardusian Brotherhood is made up of several partly autonomous regions, most of which are governed by each of the sentient races of the cluster.

The Brotherhood is governed by the Quorom of Twelve, consisting of twelve representatives who act as the legislative body. The executive body is made up of the Chief of State, the head of state of the cluster. The Brotherhood observes Pardus Standard Time, which is observed by all races as the standard calendar for the cluster. 


Government and Politics




Culture and Society


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