The Dissolution of the United States, its Government and Constitution to Create a New Republic under a Democratic Parliament Act, shortened to either the Dissolution Act or the Parliament Act is the legislation which officially established the New England Republic and its sovereign Parliament. The legislation also officially dissolved the former United States of America (albeit from the New England point of view, see here) and nullified the US Constitution. The Act is regarded as the constitution and principle document giving the government and provinces power, although the Republic has no "official" codified constitution.

Notable provisions

  • The United States of America ceases to exist as a sovereign nation.
  • The Constitution of the United States of America no longer holds any authority or jurisdiction.
  • All former territories and states of the United States of America are henceforth sovereign, excluding those included in the territory of the New England Republic.
  • The New England Republic is the official successor to the United States of America.

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