Parliament Campus is a government development in the Wessen capital of Bath. Completed in 2006, the Campus houses the new Wessex House of Parliament and the Ministry of Science and the Environment. The Campus was built with the Environment in mind, with all buildings built in a sustainable architectural manner, with high-tech infrastructure. 

The Campus is built on top of the former Bath Cricket Ground, which was abandoned in 1992. The Campus is located beside the River Avon, adjacent to Great Putelney Street, in Bathwick. 

Almost the entire park is powered by electricity generated from on-site wind turbines and solar panels. However Water is provided by off site infrastructure.



  • House of Parliament: The Wessex House of Parliament is one of the largest buildings on the campus, and was the first to be constructed in 2004. The building blends Evironmental Sustainablity, and High Technology.  The 5,308 square metres (57,100 sq ft) building cost a total of £49.7 Million. The Parliament House was designed by Benedict Jarvis.
  • Magistrates House: Magistrates House is located just off of the Campus, and was built in 1979, and currently holds the Ministry of Justice. Magistrates House opens out onto North Parade, and is often not considered part of the Campus. 
  • Science and Environment Building: The Science and Environment Building serves as the headquarters of the Ministry of Science and the Environment, aswell as the Bath Office of the National Science Laboratories. The Science and Environment Building is also home to the Wessex Science Resource Centre.

WessexHouseofParliament.jpg|The House of Parliament Ministryofscienceandenvironmentbuilding.jpeg|Science and Environment Building MinistryofJusticeWessex.png| Magistrates House </gallery>

Art, Statues and Monument

  • The Heart of Wessex: The Heart of Wessex, is a large sculpture designed by Thomas Heatherwick. An almost indentical sculpture to Heatherwick's Seed Cathedral for the 2010 Shanghai Expo. The sculpture is made out of hundreds of glass rods which contain timy soil samples from across Wessex.
  • The Cloud: The Cloud is an art instillation hanging from the atrium of the Scence and Environment Building, representing Smog, the cloud dissapates as it reaches the entrance to The building representing how the Campus is trying to combat Global Warming. 

Self Sustainability

100% of the Campus' electricty is created on site, by Wind and Solar Power, making the site 100% energy efficient.

Wind Power

Over 70% of the campus' electricity is produced by Wind Turbines on the site. Most of which are Modern Spiral wind turbines produed by the Bristol Corporation's technology sector. 

Solar Power

Another 30% of all energy needs is produced by Solar Panels mounted on buildings. The Solar Power is not as effective as the Wind Turbines as Sun light is very poor in Wessex.

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